"As much as it's about you, it's not about you."


Educate: provide people with training and information for their own personal growth. Inspire: Create an urge within people to make a difference within the world. #iAmImpact



iAmImpact’s vision is to influence people to unlock their purpose; by forming connections and creating interactions between people to change the world in a positive way. 

#iAmImpact is a not only training and workshops but a mindset and lifestyle. To have the #iAmimpact mindset is to believe you are the change you seek. It is to believe that you are the impact.

#iAmImpact Philosophy 

Our philosophy recognizes the countless time, energy and resources people use looking externally for fulfillment. However, we believe fulfillment comes from walking in your purpose. Our natural gifts and abilities are given to us to help drive us towards our purpose.

#iAmImpact takes a transformational approach to empower people to discover their internal gifts.  

The ‘i’ in iAmImpact is lowercase because we believe in humility. As much as it's about you, it’s not about you. The ‘Am’ is uppercase because you as the individual matters. Self-perception is important along with self-value knowing that you matter is what’s important.

Our focus is to get people to understand how critical their belief system is to their success

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